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Montana: Insurer Breached Duty to Defend Even if Policyholder Was Defended by Another Insurer
The Montana Supreme Court issued a decision Thanksgiving week clarifying that when a policyholder is owed a defense by multiple general liability insurers, all of those insurers must participate in the defense, or risk severe penalties for breaching...
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Additional Insured Promises Mean Companies May Pay Twice for Employee Injuries
Most business owners understand that in exchange for paying premiums for workers compensation insurance, they get immunity from suit from their own injured employees.  This is usually referred to as the workers compensation "exclusive remedy": i...
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Oregon Employer Liability Ruling Highlights Importance of Additional Insured Status
Earlier this year the Oregon Supreme Court expanded the potential liability of contractors and others for injury to employees of others on a job site, making it more critical than ever for contractors to ensure that they have additional insured prote...
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If You Purchase Contaminated Property, Is It Covered?
Can a policyholder that knowingly purchases contaminated property be covered for the costs of cleaning up that property under policies of insurance issued before the purchase? Yes, according to a new unpublished decision from the Washington Court o...
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New Ruling May Require Tailoring Cyber-Ransom Coverage
Cyber-ransom is the talk of the town when it comes to insurance these days, second only to social engineering fraud. A cyber-ransom event typically involves malicious code (malware) being installed on an individual computer or a system, typicall...
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Guest Feature: Apartment Owners' Liability for Loss of Renters' Personal Data [VIDEO]
In case you missed this last week, our friends at HFO Investment Real Estate have published an excellent video (posted here with permission) featuring an extensive interview with Vice Presidents Heidi Tapasa and Ted Stark of USI Insura...
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