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Webinar—Navigating the Lien Process
Join us on February 28 at 10:00 a.m. Pacific for this complimentary program, hosted by our friends at Propel Insurance. The presenters will educate attendees on their rights and responsibilities when it comes to the lien process.
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Cautionary Tales of D&O Bump-Up Exclusions
For some time now, merger-objection and acquisition-objection litigation against buyers of companies have been on the rise. In years past, these cases often settled for not much more than additional-disclosure agreements and reimbursement of plaintif...
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Insurance Webinar Series: Insurance Applications: Best Practices and the Consequences of Missteps
Insurance applications are emerging as the first place insurers look to deny coverage. These often-contentious coverage fights are avoidable and, given their increasing frequency, emphasize the need for risk managers and brokers to put renewed fo...
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A Roadmap to Insurance Coverage for the Mother of Toxic Torts: PFAS
Sep 08, 2022
What Are PFAS? Per-and polyfluoralkyl substances (PFAS)—ominously described by some as “forever chemicals” and others as the “mother of toxic torts”—are becoming common household words. As Miller Nash’s Environmental Team explained, PFAS are a group...
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“Take-Home COVID” Claims May Lead to Future Insurance Disputes
What Are “Take-Home COVID” Claims? “Take-home COVID” claims are claims brought against an employer by the spouse or child of an employee who caught COVID-19 in the workplace and brought it home, infecting a spouse or child and causing injuries. These...
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An Alaska Court Goes Fishing for Insurance, Hooking Another Policyholder Win in a Phishing Scam Case
As an update to our March 8, 2022 blog post discussing coverage for phishing scams in the context of Ernst & Haas Mgt. Co. v. Hiscox, Inc., 23 F.4th 1195 (9th Cir. 2022), a new Alaska case relied on Ernst & Haas to find coverage under a similar set o...
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