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Our reputation is built on strategic thinking, intricate knowledge of approval processes, and relationships with decision-makers to efficiently advance our clients’ complex land use goals to completion.

Our land use team deploys its decades of experience, connections, and know-how to drive results. We resolve land use challenges throughout Oregon and Washington and have successfully obtained approvals for annexations, conditional uses, development agreements, master plans, planned unit developments, Statewide Planning Goal exceptions, subdivisions, urban growth boundary amendments, zone changes, and numerous other development hurdles to meet client needs. Clients appreciate our skill in navigating the nuanced political and legal landscape of public hearings on contentious projects. On appeal, we are proven, effective advocates before local hearing bodies, Oregon’s Land Use Board of Appeals, Washington’s Growth Management Board, and related courts.

Our Clients

Our clients build the future of our communities. We are proud to represent many forward-thinking owners and institutions that define where we live and shape our neighborhoods for the future. We represent landowners, home builders, commercial and industrial developers, school districts, universities, and transit districts that are planning for tomorrow. It is a pleasure to help our clients build better communities.

Our Approach

We adapt our approach to client needs. Not all clients have the same goals. Our default working style is fair and forthright, but tough when needed. We work best as part of a team with the client and other consultants. We intimately understand the government processes in which we operate. Some of us have served in government, and we know how to make those processes work more efficiently for our clients. A higher-level conversation is part of our strategy with staff and elected officials alike. We keep them focused, not only on the technical issues, but on the value of our clients' projects to the community, and we have a long track record of success.

Visit our blog, From the Ground Up, for the latest updates on land use law.


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