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A law firm that practices successfully for nearly a century and a half must consistently deliver excellent results, inspire long-term loyalty, and continue to innovate to meet clients’ changing needs. Clients and attorneys alike stay with Miller Nash because they experience a distinct difference in our approach, level of care, creativity, and investment in our clients’ successes.

Our Firm

Miller Nash is a nationally recognized, industry-focused law firm with offices in Alaska, California, Idaho, Oregon, and Washington. We are administratively organized by industry departments to ensure that all of our professionals develop deep understanding of the business issues and opportunities faced by our clients. Every decision we make is with our clients and providing exceptional service in mind. 

Our People 

Trust, care, and respect are essential to successful collaboration. The relationships we build with our clients allow us to gain a deep understanding of their business culture and goals. Miller Nash attorneys and paralegals are experienced practitioners who respect the complexities of today’s business landscape and work together to anticipate market opportunities and develop and deploy creative solutions to any legal challenge. 

A Team Approach

Miller Nash’s integrated industry team approach is a structure to ensure both a responsive legal practice, but also to create a client-driven state of mind, a unique way of crafting strategies that make all the difference to the businesses and individuals we represent, from Fortune 100 corporations to emerging local companies, nonprofits, public entities, and individuals. 

Our Diversity

In addition to our priority of delivering excellent client service, Miller Nash has a long history of commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion both within our firm and in the communities we serve. We work to ensure that diversity—which is essential to understanding varying perspectives, finding creative and effective solutions to our clients’ needs, realizing the best we have to offer, and cultivating a fair society and justice system—is considered and implemented in every aspect of our firm. 

Our Community 

We believe in strengthening and giving back to the communities in which we work. Miller Nash invests in our local communities through charitable contributions, active participation in a number of organizations, and pro bono work. 

Whether you’re working with our Portland, Seattle, Vancouver, Anchorage, or Long Beach office, you can be confident that you’re in the hands of a team of exceptional professionals whose priority is your success.

Our Vision

Miller Nash’s success is the product of a collective dedication to our clients, our people,
our diversity, and our community:

Our Clients

We devote ourselves to our clients’ legal needs as if they were our own.

Our People

We commit to excellence throughout our firm and are champions for each other in reaching for our professional and personal goals.

Our Diversity

We will lead the way to achieve true diversity and inclusion across our firm, all levels of management, each practice team, all committees, and staffing of every project.

Our Community

We are ambassadors in our communities and embrace the moral imperative of service to others.

We expect and depend on everyone’s commitment to these principles and active engagement every day as we innovate and improve ourselves and the firm entrusted to us.

Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity at Miller Nash is an ongoing strategic initiative that extends beyond our own offices to our industry and community.

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Pro Bono

Our team of attorneys, paralegals, and professional staff commit their time to a wide variety of pro bono causes in the communities we serve.

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Community Involvement

The people of Miller Nash are ambassadors in our communities and embrace the moral imperative of service to others.

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