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Employment Law Alliance Webinar: Protecting the Company—Noncompetes, Nonsolicitations, and Nondisclosures
As a member of the Employment Law Alliance, we are proud to announce the upcoming webinar, Protecting the Company—Noncompetes, Nonsolicitations, and Nondisclosures, that will be broadcast on Wednesday, April 27, 2022 at 9:30 a.m. PT. Miller...
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Washington Update: Comp & Benefits Info Must Be in Job Postings Starting 2023
Beginning January 1, 2023, Washington employers with at least 15 employees will be required to include compensation and benefit information with postings for job openings. Currently, covered employers who have initially offered a position to an appl...
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Washington PFML Update: Bereavement Leave for Death of a Newborn, Expiration of PFML CBA Exemption, and More
Among other changes to the Washington Paid Family Medical Leave (PFML) program contained in SB 5649, effective June 9, 2022, when a newborn or newly adopted/fostered child dies, employees who would have qualified for either medical or family leave fo...
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Washington Update: Employee Confidentiality Limitations Further Narrowed
Since 2018, Washington has prohibited employers from asking employees to sign agreements as a condition of employment that require the employee to keep confidential allegations of sexual assault or sexual harassment. Effective June 9, 2022, Washingt...
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Washington Update: Employee Use of EAP is Confidential!
In a surprise to presumably no one, Washington now explicitly protects the confidentiality of an employee’s use of an Employer Assistance Program (“EAP”). Effective June 9, 2022, a new section will be added to Washington statute RCW 49.44 making it...
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Responding to a Crisis: How Human Resources Can Make Things Better
This blog post also appears on From the Ground Up, our firm’s blog that serves as a legal source for construction, real estate, and development news. The information in this post should be helpful to employers across industries. Just as unforeseen...
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