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Washington Expands Grounds for “Good Cause” Resignations Allowing Employees to Collect Unemployment Benefits
Generally speaking, employees who resign are not eligible for unemployment benefits. Washington, however, has several exceptions to this general rule in which an employee who had “good cause” to resign is eligible for unemployment benefits. On May 4,...
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Beginning January 2024, Washington Employers Can Get a Little More Information about an Employee’s PFML
The lack of information about an employee’s Paid Family Medical Leave (PFML) can lead to challenges when administering a Washington employee’s leave. Fortunately, a little help is on the way due to a bill recently passed by the legislature. Beginning...
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Effective January 2024, New Washington Law Limits Employers’ Ability to Decline to Hire People for Past Cannabis Use
Although Washington decriminalized recreational use of cannabis in 2012, employers in Washington have been free to deny employment on the basis of any evidence of cannabis use, including pre-hire drug testing, and even if cannabis use was for medicin...
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Washington Update: With Few Exceptions, Employers May Not Search Employees’ Personal Vehicles
Beginning July 23, 2023, the ability of employers to search employees’ privately owned vehicles, even when located on the employer’s property, will be severely limited. Washington has just enacted a new statute that generally prohibits an employer fr...
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New Liability for Washington Employers If a Paycheck Bounces
If cash flow is tight, making payroll can sometimes be a problem. For Washington employers finding themselves in that situation and considering various options, there is now even more incentive to make sure that employee payroll is fully funded. Effe...
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Washington Update: Tukwila Passes Higher Minimum Wage and Scheduling Requirements, with Expansive Penalties and a Longer Time Period to File Claims
In November 2022, voters in Tukwila approved Initiative Measure No. 1, which will impact employers within that city starting July 1, 2023. Items in the new measure include the following: Pay employees a minimum wage that will be comparable to that o...
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