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California Employers Are Hit Again on Wages
Just in time for the holiday weekend, the California Supreme Court issued another employee-friendly decision on what constitutes wages under the Labor Code. This decision reminds California employers to stay vigilant on meal period and rest break com...
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California Employer's Good-Faith Belief That Freelance Model Was Not an Employee Defeats Penalty Claims
California employers will be pleased to learn that the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals recently held that a retail store reasonably believed that a freelance model who worked in irregular one- or two-day periods was not an “employee” under California...
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Washington Update: Employee Use of EAP is Confidential!
In a surprise to presumably no one, Washington now explicitly protects the confidentiality of an employee’s use of an Employer Assistance Program (“EAP”). Effective June 9, 2022, a new section will be added to Washington statute RCW 49.44 making it...
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OT for Ag(ricultural) Workers – Oregon, Washington, and California
Agricultural ("ag") workers on the West Coast must now be paid overtime. Oregon The Oregon legislature passed what some called the “most divisive” bill of the short 2022 legislative session, requiring agricultural farmworkers to be paid overtime....
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The Washington Cares Act – Premiums Postponed, Extra Exemptions, and Anticipated Amendments
Premiums Postponed 2022 opened up with Washington employers not knowing whether to begin deducting employee premiums for the new Washington Cares Act or risk having to absorb the premium costs themselves. Originally, employee premium deductions f...
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