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Washington Expands Coverage of Its Noncompetition Statute to More Agreements
In 2019, Washington enacted a new statute limiting which employees can be covered by a post-employment noncompetition covenant, placing specific restrictions on such covenants. That statute explicitly excluded nonsolicitation covenants from coverage under the statute but defined nonsolicitation covenants ambiguously.
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California Employees Must Receive Notice of Noncompete Invalidity by February 14
Your normal Valentine’s Day to-do list may include a box of chocolates, card, or bottle of wine. This year, for employers with California employees subject to noncompete agreements, add one more task: notices of invalidity of noncompetition agreement...
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Susan Stahlfeld Discusses FTC’s New Rule on Noncompetes on ELA Podcast
In July 2021, President Biden issued an Executive Order which encouraged the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to curtail the unfair use of noncompete clauses and other clauses that may unfairly limit worker mobility. The FTC recently proposed a new rul...
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Employer Update: FTC Proposes New Rule to Ban Employment Noncompetes
As it had been encouraged by President Biden after he took office, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) today finally took steps to regulate employee noncompete agreements at the federal level. Our colleague, Brian Esler, provides a great overview of w...
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Employment Law Alliance Webinar: Protecting the Company—Noncompetes, Nonsolicitations, and Nondisclosures
As a member of the Employment Law Alliance, we are proud to announce the upcoming webinar, Protecting the Company—Noncompetes, Nonsolicitations, and Nondisclosures, that will be broadcast on Wednesday, April 27, 2022 at 9:30 a.m. PT. Miller...
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Employee Noncompete Agreements Have Uncertain Future after Executive Order
For a printable PDF copy of this article, please click here. Federal government to consider supplanting state law with nationwide ban or limits on noncompetes. President Biden signed an executive order today encouraging the Federal Trade Commission...
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