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What You Need to Know About Service Animals, Emotional Support Animals, and Assistance Animals
In the last few years, employers, education institutions, and places of public accommodation (e.g., airports, grocery stores, and hotels) have seen an increase in individuals who want to bring their Assistance Animal, Service Animal, or Emotional Sup...
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As Time Goes by…Pay Practices Which May Be a Surprising Risk for Employers—Part 2
In Part 2 of our blog series highlighting some of the risks for employers when pay and time practices don’t comport with wage and hour laws, the case details and key takeaways below should provide West Coast employers cautionary insights into timeca...
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Taking Steps to Protect Confidential Information
Many companies have confidential information that they want to protect from disclosure to third parties or use by competitors. Often, companies also have agreements with vendors or clients in which the company promises to keep confidential the inform...
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Responding to a Crisis: How Human Resources Can Make Things Better
This blog post also appears on From the Ground Up, our firm’s blog that serves as a legal source for construction, real estate, and development news. The information in this post should be helpful to employers across industries. Just as unforeseen...
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New Oregon Laws Impacting Employers in 2021
The Oregon Legislature passed a number of bills this session that may affect employers, including new restricting noncompetition agreements, expanding employment and school district discrimination definitions related to hairstyles and dress codes, an...
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