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COVID Update: EEOC Revises Guidance on Workplace Screening
As summer winds to a close, students return to classrooms and campuses, and many workplaces have returned to in-person activities. Either in whole or in part, COVID-19 has perhaps begun to be less “front of mind” than it once was for many people. Add...
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“Take-Home COVID” Claims May Lead to Future Insurance Disputes
What Are “Take-Home COVID” Claims? “Take-home COVID” claims are claims brought against an employer by the spouse or child of an employee who caught COVID-19 in the workplace and brought it home, infecting a spouse or child and causing injuries. These...
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The Latest Cal/OSHA Emergency Temporary Standards Update
Over the weekend, Cal/OSHA updated its Frequently Asked Questions and Fact Sheets to provide guidance for employers on the recently revised COVID-19 Emergency Temporary Standards (ETS). The COVID-19 ETS applies to all places of employment with limite...
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Washington Alert! Unmasking Some New COVID-19 Job Protections for Washington Workers
With all the focus on the imminent changes to mask mandates and renewed return to work planning efforts underway, one important new obligation in Washington State may have slipped past many employers’ radars. While announcing the anticipated changes...
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Quick-Reference Sheet for Employers: Current COVID-Specific State and Federal Agency Resources
For a printable PDF version of this article, please click here. February 2, 2022 FEDERAL OSHA: Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) | Occupational Safety and Health Administration ( Care Vaccine Mandate: COVID-19 Healthcare ETS | Occupation...
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A Roadmap for the New Normal in the Workplace Under COVID-19
For a printable PDF version of this article, please click here. February 1, 2022 Many businesses throughout the West Coast will soon start the process of phased returning to the workplace or have already welcomed employees back to workplaces to some...
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