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What’s It All About, AI?
AI is everywhere. And, no, I do not mean in a “Skynet is coming,” or “Big Brother is here,” kind of way. I mean everywhere you look. Stories abound about the oddities that result from using generative AI. In one story, a car dealership’s chatbot offe...
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The “Spooky” Truth Behind AI: IP and Privacy Concerns in Training Bioscience AI Models
To say artificial intelligence, or “AI,” is a hot topic is an understatement. AI, which traces its roots back to Alan Turing’s work in the 1950s, is far from new, and consumers have been using AI in some form for years. Asking Siri for directions to...
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Ninth Circuit Confirms Embedding Remains Fair Use
Every second of every day, social media and internet users repost or link to copyrighted content from other websites, or other posts. It may seem strange to even think about whether such use might be found to be other than fair. But viewed from the...
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Generative AI—Competitive Tool or a Tool of Your Own Demise?
Most people recognize that generative AI, the use of artificial intelligence to generate content, represents an incredible tool. It allows companies and individuals the ability to automate certain processes, use a powerful computing tool to perform t...
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Don’t Believe Everything You Read about the Warhol Decision
Which is less reliable, the Supreme Court’s recent decision in the much-watched case of Warhol v. Goldsmith or what reporters and commentators have said about it? Widely reported as a case alleging that Andy Warhol’s famous series of silkscreen rende...
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The Accidental Infringer: What You Need to Know about Copyright When Using Photos from the Web
You’ve received a letter from a lawyer saying that a photo you found online and uploaded to your website infringes a photographer’s copyright. Maybe you do nothing and wait to see if you get another letter. Maybe you take the letter seriously and rem...
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