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What’s It All About, AI?
AI is everywhere. And, no, I do not mean in a “Skynet is coming,” or “Big Brother is here,” kind of way. I mean everywhere you look. Stories abound about the oddities that result from using generative AI. In one story, a car dealership’s chatbot offe...
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Client Alert: Watch Out for Deepfakes
Technology is awesome when it works. We depend on it for so many things that, when it doesn’t work as expected, it can cause major problems for businesses. The latest technology that can be used for both good and evil is artificial intelligence (AI)....
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The “Spooky” Truth Behind AI: IP and Privacy Concerns in Training Bioscience AI Models
To say artificial intelligence, or “AI,” is a hot topic is an understatement. AI, which traces its roots back to Alan Turing’s work in the 1950s, is far from new, and consumers have been using AI in some form for years. Asking Siri for directions to...
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Paradise Lost: No Copyright for AI-Created Works
We’ve previously written here and here about Dr. Stephen Thaler’s efforts to register copyright in A Recent Entrance to Paradise, a work created by his artificial intelligence (AI) system DABUS. In a motion for summary judgment filed in January, Dr....
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Consider Protecting Your Brands Early in the Era of Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the latest emerging technology that is overtaking news headlines and transforming the way we live, learn, and work. The term generally refers to content created or produced by artificial intelligence algorithms, with c...
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Generative AI—Competitive Tool or a Tool of Your Own Demise?
Most people recognize that generative AI, the use of artificial intelligence to generate content, represents an incredible tool. It allows companies and individuals the ability to automate certain processes, use a powerful computing tool to perform t...
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