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Employer Issues in Bankruptcy
Numerous issues arise when an employer files for bankruptcy. Some of the most crucial issues relate to: (i) priorities for claims of employees; (ii) notices pursuant to the Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification (WARN) Act; and (iii) the autom...
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The Supreme Court Abrogates Tribal Immunity in Bankruptcy Proceedings
On June 15, 2023, Justice Jackson led the majority in an 8-1 decision holding that the Bankruptcy Code abrogates federally recognized tribes’ sovereign immunity. The decision has significant implications for tribal creditors in bankruptcy proceedings...
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Supreme Court Limits the Ability to Discharge Debts Obtained by Fraud
The discharge provided in bankruptcy is fundamental, allowing the “honest but unfortunate” debtor a fresh start. There are various exceptions to the discharge found in Sections 523 and 727 of the Bankruptcy Code—designed to prevent the discharge of d...
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The Washington Court of Appeals (Re-)Explains the Statute of Limitations for Deeds of Trust After a Bankruptcy Discharge
On January 18, 2021, the Washington Court of Appeals in Copper Creek (Marysville) Homeowners Ass’n v. Kurtz reaffirmed an important rule related to real property foreclosures and the statute of limitations after a bankruptcy discharge. The rule is th...
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Supreme Court Holds that Trademark Licensee Retains Rights After Rejection of License by Licensor in Bankruptcy
In a long-awaited, nearly unanimous opinion written by Justice Kagan, resolving a circuit split described in our earlier blog post, the Supreme Court reversed the First Circuit and held that rejection by the licensor of a trademark license under Sect...
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Update: Give Me Liberty, or Give Me Death? Supreme Court May Resolve Circuit Split on Effect of Rejection of Trademark Licenses in Bankruptcy
In my September 11 blog post, Give Me Liberty, or Give Me Death?, I noted that the First Circuit’s decision in Tempnology—that rejection of a trademark license in bankruptcy divested the nondebtor licensee of its right to use the trademark—was subjec...
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