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Washington Update: Employee Use of EAP is Confidential!
In a surprise to presumably no one, Washington now explicitly protects the confidentiality of an employee’s use of an Employer Assistance Program (“EAP”). Effective June 9, 2022, a new section will be added to Washington statute RCW 49.44 making it...
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Responding to a Crisis: How Human Resources Can Make Things Better
This blog post also appears on From the Ground Up, our firm’s blog that serves as a legal source for construction, real estate, and development news. The information in this post should be helpful to employers across industries. Just as unforeseen...
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OT for Ag(ricultural) Workers – Oregon, Washington, and California
Agricultural ("ag") workers on the West Coast must now be paid overtime. Oregon The Oregon legislature passed what some called the “most divisive” bill of the short 2022 legislative session, requiring agricultural farmworkers to be paid overtime....
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Washington Alert! Unmasking Some New COVID-19 Job Protections for Washington Workers
With all the focus on the imminent changes to mask mandates and renewed return to work planning efforts underway, one important new obligation in Washington State may have slipped past many employers’ radars. While announcing the anticipated changes...
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Employers Can’t Require Employees to Arbitrate or Waive Collective Actions of Sexual Assault or Sexual Harassment Disputes
For many years, employers have relied on the Federal Arbitration Act (“FAA”) and pre-dispute arbitration agreements to require employees to privately arbitrate disputes, rather than pursue them in the judicial system or participate in class actions....
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The Biden Administration's Pro-Union Agenda
White House Task Force Report On February 7, 2022, the Biden administration published its roadmap for encouraging and supporting union organizing in private and federal employment by executive actions that do not require any Congressional approval....
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