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CFPB Finds “Deceptive” Data Security Practices Without Consumer Harm and Requires Dwolla to Implement a Written Data Security Plan
Apr 05, 2016
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On February 16, 2016, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) issued a Consent Order relating to certain “deceptive” acts and practices of Dwolla, Inc., an Iowa based payment processor (Dwolla). Dwolla operates a software platform that enable...
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Mar 16, 2016
Deal Talk Well, it’s almost Spring and the flowers and deal talk are starting to bloom. We hear and see a lot of activity going on in the Western United States. Our sense is that this activity is being fueled by a confluence of factors: continuing lo...
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Monday Morning Quarterbacking
Back to the Future As I prepare for a presentation at the WIB Annual Directors Conference, it strikes me that it has been seven years since the financial meltdown. While our economy has improved, it still has not completely recovered and the Fed and...
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The SEC’s New Pay Ratio Rule
The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) recently adopted a new executive compensation disclosure requirement which will require comparison of the compensation of a company’s CEO to that of a “median employee” of the company. The pay ratio rule...
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Trust Law Modernization in Washington State
In 2015, two new laws relating to trust administration in Washington State have gone into effect that will make the state a more attractive jurisdiction in which to establish and administer trusts. These new trust laws were the product of the Enterpr...
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Coping with the CAMELS
Introduction In connection with a presentation I was asked to make by the Federal Home Loan Bank to some of its member banks, I crafted this article on “Coping with the CAMELS.” As you know, this is an acronym for the six ratings in commercial bank e...
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