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2023 Employment Law Seminar Resources


Thank you for attending Miller Nash LLP's 2023 Employment Law Seminar held October 31, 2023.

Below are the downloadable seminar resources—written materials, PowerPoint presentations, and proof of attendance form. Recordings of the seminar presentations will be loaded to this site in the near future. If you would like a printed copy of the materials, or if you have questions concerning the materials, please email

If you have questions about our employment law services, please contact our practice cochairs, Amy Robinson or Susan Stahlfeld, or any of the speakers from the seminar. Visit our employment law practice page to learn more.

Presentation Materials

Who Wants to Be Legally Astute—Federal and State Legal Updates

Speakers: Michael Porter, Iván Resendiz Gutierrez, Susan Stahlfeld, Melissa Rawlinson, Souvanny Miller

Written Materials—Federal Updates
Written Materials—Oregon Updates

Written Materials—Washington Updates

PowerPoint Materials
Recorded Presentation

No Whammies: Don’t Press Your Luck on Wage and Hour Issues

Speakers: Andrea Barton, Heather Van Meter, Erin Burris, Eden Vasquez

Written Materials 
PowerPoint Materials

Recorded Presentation

Is the Price Right? The Risks and Benefits of Internal v. External Investigations

Speakers: Liani Reeves, Christine Slattery

PowerPoint Materials 
Recorded Presentation

Avoid a Surprise Wipeout! Don't Let Costly Mistakes Dampen Your Retirement Plan

Speakers: Anthony Hunt

Written Materials 
PowerPoint Materials

Recorded Presentation

The Newlywed Game: Employers and the National Labor Relations Board

Speakers: Trevor Caldwell, Jess Osborne, David Worley

Written Materials—Oregon ERB Updates
Written Materials—Washington PERC Updates

Written Materials—Federal NLRB Updates
PowerPoint Materials
Recorded Presentation

Let's Take A Leave!

Speakers: Amy Robinson, Marcena Day, Matt Tripp

Written Materials 
PowerPoint Materials

Recorded Presentation

Seminar Information


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The Miller Nash employment law & labor relations team is pleased to share our blog, Employment Law in Motion. This blog is designed to keep employers, human resources professionals, and in-house counsel informed about legal issues impacting the ever-changing workplace.

We bring you up-to-date information, best practices, and compliance strategies for dealing with today’s most common—and sometimes most challenging—employment-related legal issues. Our team of attorneys helps our clients with these issues every day and we want to share what we’ve learned with you.

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Meet Our Speakers

Andrea Barton, Partner, Portland

Erin Burris, Associate, Portland

Trevor Caldwell, Partner, Portland

Marcena Day, Associate, Portland

Anthony Hunt, Associate, Portland

Souvanny Miller, Associate, Portland

Jess Osborne, Partner, Portland

Michael Porter, Partner, Portland

Liani Reeves, Partner, Portland

Iván Resendiz Gutierrez, Partner, Portland

Amy Robinson, Partner, Vancouver

Christine A. Slattery, Partner, Portland

Susan Stahlfeld, Partner, Seattle

Matt Tripp, Associate, Portland

Heather Van Meter, Partner, Vancouver

Eden Vasquez, Associate, Portland

David Worley, Associate, Seattle


These presentations are not legal advice and are based upon current statutes, regulations and related guidance that is subject to change. They are provided solely for informational and educational purposes and do not fully address the complexity of the issues or steps employers must take under applicable laws. For legal advice on these or related issues, please consult qualified legal counsel directly.

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