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Regulators Offer Guidance for Community Banks on Fintech Relationships
In today’s competitive banking landscape, many community banks have embraced the benefits of partnering with a variety of financial technology companies (“fintechs”). In recent years, a variety of fintechs have emerged and introduced valuable experti...
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OCC Invites Fintech Companies to Become Special Purpose National Banks
Last week, the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) officially opened its doors to financial technology companies and encouraged them to apply to become "special purpose" national banks. The premise is simple—become a national bank, abide...
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States Are Amending Their Data Breach Laws. Why Should Banks Care?
Data security and data breach notifications are—or should be—on everyone’s mind these days. Banks are certainly no exception. And banks, in general, are setting good examples for other businesses because banks’ data security systems and incident-resp...
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Don’t Be the Next Blockbuster, Kodak, or Encyclopaedia Britannica
The Changing Face of America While attending a recent presentation at the California Bank Presidents’ Seminar by Brett King, CEO and founder of Movenbank, the world’s first direct mobile-only bank, I was inspired to write another Cyber-Graham. The cr...
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