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2021 Employment Law Seminar Resources


Thank you for attending Miller Nash LLP's 2021 Employment Law Seminar held December 8, 2021.

Below are the downloadable seminar resources—written materials, PowerPoint presentations, and proof of attendance form. Recordings of the seminar presentations will be loaded to this site in the near future. If you would like a printed copy of the materials, or if you have questions concerning the materials, please email

If you have questions about our employment law services, please contact our practice cochairs, Susan Stahlfeld or Amy Robinson, or any of the speakers from the seminar. Visit our Employment Law Practice page to learn more.

Presentation Materials


The Plight of Pluto: Same Planet, Different Pay?

Speakers: Naomi Haslitt, Katie Loberstein, Christine A. Slattery

Written Materials
PowerPoint Materials

Recorded Presentation

Guardians of the Qualified: Clarifying Disability & Religious Accommodations

Speakers: Rick Lentini, Iván Resendiz Gutierrez, Eden Vasquez

Written Materials
PowerPoint Materials

Recorded Presentation

Charting the Solar System: Safely Navigating Through Orbiting Leave Laws

Speakers: Jennifer Divine, Matt Tripp

Written Materials
PowerPoint Materials

Recorded Presentation

ET 2.0—Staying Connected & Staying Out of Trouble: The Risks Hybrid Models Pose for Employers

Speakers: Erin Burris, Jollee Patterson

Written Materials
PowerPoint Materials
Recorded Presentation

Strategic Stargazing: Examining the Unique Constellation of Wage & Hour Issues, Updates, & Audits

Speakers: Souvanny Miller, Mike Porter, Susan Stahlfeld

Written Materials
PowerPoint Materials
Recorded Presentation

May the Force (and Your MN Team) Be With You: Federal, State, Local, and Labor Law Updates

Speakers: Trevor Caldwell, Jeff Chicoine, Shanelle Honda, Amy Robinson, Rebecca Schach

Written Materials - Federal Update
Written Materials - California Update
Written Materials - Oregon Update
Written Materials - Washington Update
Written Materials - Labor Update

PowerPoint Materials

Recorded Presentation


Meet Our Attorneys

Cody Elliott, Seminar Co-Chair, Partner, Portland

Christine A. Slattery, Seminar Co-Chair, Special Counsel, Portland

Erin Burris, Associate, Portland

Trevor Caldwell, Associate, Portland

Jeff Chicoine, Partner, Portland

Jennifer Divine, Partner, Seattle

Naomi Haslitt, Partner, Portland

Shanelle Honda, Associate, Portland

Richard Lentini, Partner, Seattle

Katie Loberstein, Associate, Seattle

Souvanny Miller, Associate, Portland

Jollee Patterson, Partner, Portland

Iván Resendiz Gutierrez, Associate, Portland

Amy Robinson, Partner, Vancouver

Rebecca Schach, Associate, Seattle

Susan Stahlfeld, Partner, Seattle

Matt Tripp, Associate, Portland

Eden Vasquez, Associate, Portland