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Washington Amends Its Data Breach Law: What Do Washington Businesses (and Businesses Doing Business in Washington) Need to Know About the Changes?
In late April, Washington’s data-breach law was significantly amended. The changes go into effect July 31, 2015, and will change the law in the following seven ways: Specific information (e.g., name and contact information of reporting person or bus...
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The Supreme Court Will Hear a Case with Potentially Massive Implications for Data-Breach Lawsuits
On Monday, the United States Supreme Court granted certiorari in a case that may lower the bar for plaintiffs in data-breach litigation.  As reported by the Wall Street Journal, the Supreme Court is now set to determine whether a violation of federal...
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Implications for Businesses as Oregon Attorney General Fights for More Detailed Data Breach Notifications, and Increased Involvement in Data Breach Situations
As reported in an interview with The Privacy Advisor, Oregon Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum is seeking the following three changes to Oregon’s data breach notification law: Mandatory reporting of data breaches to the AG’s office; Enhanced enforcem...
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TTAB Proceedings Remain Effective Enforcement Tool Following B&B Hardware v. Hargis
Much has been written regarding the recent US Supreme Court decision in B&B Hardware v. Hargis. For a detailed background and analysis of the opinion, check out the SCOTUS blog summary. In short, the Court held that a US Trademark Trial and Appea...
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To Tack or Not To Tack, that is the (Trademark) Question
A month ago, the U.S. Supreme Court came down with its first pure trademark matter opinion in many years (false advertising cases are in a separate category for the purposes of this article). The trademark bar was all a twitter—literally (tweeting th...
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Proposed European Trademark Rules Change: Eliminating the Kitchen Sink Fee Structure
After several years of negotiation, a provisional agreement concerning a number of changes to European Community trademark practice was reached by the European Commission, Parliament, and Council in April 2015. One key change is a proposal to do away...
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