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IRS: "Shea It Ain't So!" The Ninth Circuit Opens The Door For Real Estate Developers to Defer Income Tax
In a coup for real estate developers, the Ninth Circuit affirmed the U.S. Tax Court's approval of a real estate developer's strategy to defer income in Shea Homes, Inc. v. Commissioner, 834 F.3d 1061 (9th Cir. 2016). The strategy appears fairly narro...
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Portland Commissioner Saltzman Proposes New 1% Construction Excise Tax
Today Portland Commissioner Dan Saltzman, whose bureau assignments include the Portland Housing Bureau and the Bureau of Development Services, proposed a new excise tax on residential and commercial development equal to one percent of the total permi...
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Taxes, Fees on Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) Eased in Portland
May 18, 2016
At a time when Portland grapples with a shortage in housing, two new regulatory changes may bring many more accessory dwelling units (ADUs)—small apartment units like basements and small backyard houses added to single-family homes—to the city, there...
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Navigating Oregon Property Tax Exemptions for Charities and Landlords--Deadline April 1
Mar 28, 2016
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It’s tax season again. Every April, most Americans begrudgingly turn their attention to their tax obligations. April’s tax significance isn’t limited to one’s federal income tax return, however, April 1 marks the deadline for filing an application fo...
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