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Data Privacy Week Series: Check Your Third-Party Agreements Against Internal Policies



In honor of Data Privacy Week, each day this week Miller Nash is releasing one of our top five recommendations for where businesses should focus their privacy compliance efforts in 2024. If you need assistance reviewing your company’s compliance with privacy and data protection obligations or updating your policies and procedures, please contact our privacy & data security team.

Check Your Third-Party Agreements Against Internal Policies

In addition to amending agreements to comply with new legal requirements, review your existing agreements for new technologies. For example, how is your business integrating artificial intelligence (AI)? How are your vendors using AI and using your data to train the AI? Are employees using AI products, whether through authorized means or on their own initiative? AI governance needs to take privacy and security into account.

Review your cyber insurance coverage and policy requirements. Evaluate whether your insurance policy(s) covers what you think it covers. Evaluate whether your internal policies and procedures meet the requirements for coverage or if your provider will fail to cover an incident because your business, for example, does not have multifactor authentication for administrator functions and remote access.

We hope you enjoyed this series and now have actionable steps to take to enhance your company’s privacy compliance efforts during Data Privacy Week and year-round.

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