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Miller Nash’s lawyers are proud to provide legal counsel and guidance to many tribes and their enterprises. We have the extensive experience and understanding to address the complex and sophisticated legal needs of tribal governments, organizations, and enterprises, while protecting each tribe’s sovereignty.

Miller Nash understands that not only are tribes unique from other governments and enterprises, but each tribe itself is also unique. The depth and breadth of our knowledge comes from having worked on numerous matters for a variety of tribes—from newly recognized landless tribes, to tribes that have succeeded in spite of difficult geographic obstructions, to tribes with checkerboard reservations located in urban areas. We are honored to provide a comprehensive array of services in support of tribal organizations that allow us to partner with our tribal clients and take a holistic approach to serving each one’s specific and unique needs.

We provide counsel to tribes and tribal entities in the areas of cannabis, gaming, tax, liquor, real estate, construction, intellectual property, labor and employment, data privacy, and other economic development matters, including obtaining financing for infrastructure improvements, gaming facilities, and hotel properties.

We also regularly represent non-tribal clients in transactions with tribes and tribal enterprises, and advise them on regulatory and jurisdictional issues, as well as the nuts and bolts of entering into contracts with tribes and tribal enterprises.


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