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Taxes, Fees on Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) Eased in Portland
May 18, 2016
At a time when Portland grapples with a shortage in housing, two new regulatory changes may bring many more accessory dwelling units (ADUs)—small apartment units like basements and small backyard houses added to single-family homes—to the city, there...
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Landlords, Beware: HUD Warns Against Discriminating Based on Criminal Background
Last month, the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development issued guidance that all residential landlords, property managers, and brokers should be aware of: While checking a potential renter's criminal background is not off limits whe...
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Justice Thomas Signals that the Supreme Court May Review Inclusionary Zoning
Just days after the Oregon Senate approved a bill that would allow inclusionary zoning—i.e. permitting local governments to condition the grant of incentives to developers on the inclusion of affordable housing in new developments—at least one United...
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New Property Owners, Beware: Possible Shortened Time to Bring Defective-Construction Claims
The Oregon Supreme Court issued a decision on February 19, 2016, affirming a decision to dismiss a homeowner's claim against a builder for defective construction. In Shell v. Schollander Companies, Inc., 350 Or 552 (2016), defendant, a builder, began...
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Does Homeownership Still Beat Renting?
Feb 18, 2016
Zillow, a real estate listing and analytics company, recently looked at the "break-even" time horizon for owning a house versus renting in a number of markets across the nation. "Breaking even" means the amount of time it will take for the cost of ow...
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Millennial Myth-Busting
After years of media speculation and pundits declaring that the millennial generation is so very different and may never own a car or a house, changing all business and real estate markets, shares some actual research data showing that t...
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