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Department of Labor Salary Increase for "White Collar" Employees Halted



The United States District Court of Eastern Texas on Tuesday ruled in favor of a nationwide injunction blocking the enactment of the Department of Labor's ("DOL") regulations increasing the minimum salary level for "white-collar" exempt employees under the Fair Labor Standards Act ("FLSA"). The minimum salary requirement was set to increase to $47,476 (nearly double the current minimum salary) on December 1. By the court's ruling, the DOL's new regulations will not go into effect at this time. The district court will still make a final decision on the validity of the DOL's final rule in further court proceedings. For now, the current salary requirements will remain in place, unless a higher court overturns the district court's injunction decision. Miller Nash Graham & Dunn's Employment and Labor Relations team will keep you apprised of further developments regarding the DOL's regulation.

Please contact a member of our Employment and Labor Relations team if you have any questions about the FLSA exemptions or need clarification on what these developments mean for your business and employees.

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