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Insurance Webinar Series: Leveraging Claims Handling Requirements to Get Results



Insurance companies are notorious for putting policyholders through the wringer when a claim is made. Learn how to push back and better advocate for yourself and your clients in this fast-paced webinar led by some of the Northwest’s leading insurance recovery litigators. The program will cover:

  • The insurer’s duty to defend—getting a defense for uncovered claims, obtaining reimbursement for a policyholder’s pre-tender defense costs, dealing with the defense costs reimbursement endorsement, and best practices when an insurer refuses to defend.
  • The insurer’s duty to settle—how to get claims resolved quickly and fairly, and how to use the duty to settle to effectively resolve cases in mediation.
  • First-party claim resolution—tips and tricks.
  • Differences between Oregon, Washington, and California claims-handling requirements.
  • The latest and most important case law impacting policyholders.
  • Claims handling regulations requirement in statutes and regulations, how courts have interpreted those requirements, and the penalties imposed on insurers that don’t do right by their insureds.

Following the update, the presenters will remain available to address questions.

Who Should Attend?
The complimentary webinar is for insurance brokers, risk managers, and in-house counsel. Please share this invitation with your colleagues and encourage them to register.

Click here to register.

Date / Time

Wednesday, February 23, 2022
9:00-10:30 a.m. PST

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