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Don't Undermine Your Trial Persuasiveness With Document Admissibility Issues
Jun 01, 2004
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This article was published in the Summer 2004 edition of the Oregon State Bar's Litigation Journal. One of the keys to an effective and persuasive trial presentation is to reduce, if not eliminate, the need to provide a proper foundation for the adm...
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Seller: Insure Thyself (For $50), Purchase a Seller's Policy of Title Insurance
Jan 01, 2004
Whenever property is sold, whether a residence or a skyscraper, title insurance is involved. Most people do not even notice. Typically, one of the seller's expenses in the sale of real property (land or buildings) is the cost of a policy of title i...
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Tenancy in Common Transactions: Practical and Tax Issues of Investing in Real Estate’s Hot New Investment
Jan 01, 2001
Investments in tenancy-in-common interests ("TIC") in real estate have been exploding. While TIC investments provide significant benefits, including preserving the ability to dispose of or acquire such properties as part of a Section 1031 tax-free ex...
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