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In Vino Perseverance: Winery Launch Faces Barriers to Entry



From The Ground Up contributor LeAnne Bremer recently had an article published in the Vancouver Business Journal titled "In Vino Perseverance: Winery Launch Faces Barriers to Entry." The article discusses land use and permitting issues encountered by the founders of Windy Hills Winery in Clark County, Washington.

From either his robust laugh or his aromatic cigar, Dave Kelly’s presence is often sensed before seen. But in establishing Windy Hills Winery, one of Clark County’s newest wineries and vineyards, Dave shows his most essential qualities to be his fortitude to snip through the regulatory red tape and his sunny optimism that it will all work out in the end. As Dave puts it, there are many barriers to entry in building a winery, and it is not an enterprise for those with an impatient disposition or a light pocketbook.

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