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Products Liability

With a depth of experience in state and federal courts and arbitrations, Miller Nash Graham & Dunn is committed to providing effective and efficient representation to manufacturers, distributors, owners, and customers involved in products liability litigation. Whether the injury involved an automobile, medical device, asbestos, machinery, or household product, understanding the underlying technology, engineering, or manufacturing process is as important as investigating the nature, cause, and extent of the injury.

Thorough analysis, zealous advocacy, and good judgment are critical to obtaining favorable and cost-efficient outcomes. If early resolution is not possible, we have a proven track record of successfully resolving complex disputes through motion practice, mediation, and trial.

Representative Experience

Successful defense of wrongful death case arising in products liability case, including recovery of attorney fees. Client: Defendant URS Electronics, Inc. Claims: Wrongful death, loss of consortium, strict liability, and negligence claims arising from the distribution of two-way radio components containing phenolic resins which plaintiff claims caused him to contract Mesothelioma. In this “new wave” asbestos case, we cross-claimed on behalf of the distributor against radio manufacturers GE, RCA, Motorola, and Raytheon based on indemnity in contribution . . . breaking the traditional practice among asbestos defendants to unite. We also filed a motion for summary judgment against plaintiffs, which was heard by the court on the “eve” of trial. The court granted summary judgment to URS alone and dismissed the multi-million dollar claims against URS. Claims against insurers resulted in reimbursement of defense costs.