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Contact Wayne

3400 U.S. Bancorp Tower
111 S.W. Fifth Avenue
Portland, OR 97204
T: 503.205.2370

Wayne D. Landsverk


Wayne Landsverk has been advising and representing Northwest employers in all areas of employment and traditional labor law for over 40 years. He has extensive experience with union organizing drives; National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) representation hearings of all types (certification, decertification, deauthorization, unit clarification); NLRB unfair labor practice hearings (both defending them and bringing them against unions); secondary boycott issues, strikes, slowdowns, sabotage, injunction, and TRO proceedings; federal and state court litigation relating to collective bargaining agreements; and appeals in the Fifth, Seventh, Ninth, and D.C. Circuits, the Oregon appellate courts, and the U.S. Supreme Court. Wayne’s practice also includes advising employers regarding wage-and-hour issues, employment discrimination, harassment and retaliation claims, affirmative action, unemployment benefits, OSHA compliance, noncompetition issues, and a wide range of employment litigation.


Over the years Wayne has also handled hundreds of labor arbitrations and grievance proceedings involving numerous local and international unions. These unions include Machinists, Boilermakers, Sheet Metal Workers, Teamsters, Electricians, Laborers, Painters, Riggers, Operating Engineers, Molders, Pipefitters, Oil, Chemical, and Atomic Workers, United Auto Workers, United Steelworkers of America, Pulp and Paper Workers, Industrial Workers of the World (“Wobblies”), Ironworkers, Carpenters, Metal Trades Council of Portland and Vicinity, Pacific Coast Metal Trades Council, and Pacific Northwest Employees Association.


Wayne is a member and past chair of the Labor Lawyers Advisory Committee of CUE, Inc., an organization for positive employee relations, and served on its Board of Directors. There are 22 lawyers on the committee—19 located throughout the United States as well as members from Europe, Canada, and the United Kingdom. Wayne is the only Pacific Northwest member of the CUE LLAC. The CUE connection provides unparalleled access to a wealth of information and resources for employers.

Representative Experience

Union demanded arbitration of grievance under union contract. U.S. district court granted summary judgment in favor of employer, denying union's demand. U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit affirmed summary judgment in favor of employer.
Won summary judgment in U.S. district court dismissing race discrimination claims against major employer. U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit affirmed summary judgment in favor of employer.
Won summary judgment in U.S. district court holding that Oregon injured worker did not have reinstatement rights outside of Oregon. U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit affirmed summary judgment in favor of employer.
In state court action for disability and family leave discrimination and retaliation, where the plaintiff claimed $250,000 in damages and attorney fees, we filed a motion to dismiss the case and served highly focused discovery requests, causing the plaintiff to agree to dismiss his case with prejudice with no recovery, no costs and no attorney fees. Judgment of dismissal was entered less than 60 days after the complaint was filed, with minimal cost and disruption to the client.