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Contact Jennifer

2801 Alaskan Way, Suite 300
Seattle, WA 98121
T: 206.777.7447

Jennifer S. Divine

Serves as outside general counsel for public school districts, independent schools, and private universities.
Assisted higher education institution in drafting self-study report and advised on preparation for site visit by regional accreditation agency.
Drafted appeal from unfavorable accreditation decision by regional accrediting body and advised Board of Trustees on merits and political consequences of pursuing appeal.
Advised higher education client on major rewrite of faculty handbook.
Represented university in OCR investigation of complaint brought by student claiming disability discrimination in field placement process.
Advised higher education institution on financial exigency, program closure and teach-out issues, and assisted in implementing reorganization and reduction in force of affected staff members.
Negotiated and drafted intellectual property and royalty licensing agreement for independent contractor.
Negotiated and drafted severance agreements for senior university administrators.
Assisted university in rewrite of facilities use contract and advised on Open Public Meetings Act issues arising from hosting state agency hearings on campus.
Advised public school board regarding issues of personal liability for individual school board members.
Advised public school district on transportation issues for athletic events.

Advised public school and higher education institutions on coaching salaries, contracts, and use of volunteer coaches.
Advised private secondary school on state law reporting obligations for complaint of student-on-student involuntary sexual contact and assisted school administrators through interactions with law enforcement, students, families, and legal representatives.
Advised university threat assessment and behavioral intervention teams on evaluating and responding to students of concern.

Assisted higher education institution in drafting and implementing voluntary and involuntary medical leave policies.
Defended public school district in lengthy grievance arbitration challenging non-renewal of teacher with many years of experience in the district, resulting in reasoned arbitration award upholding district decision, and affirmation of arbitration decision in various appeals by teacher.
Represented chief medical officer of pharmaceutical company in complicated multistate arbitration in breach of contract case involving failure to vest restricted stock awards and stock options, resulting in high six figure award to executive.
Represented higher education institution in lawsuits asserting university responsibility for alleged sexual abuse by former member of affiliated entity, resulting in settlements on favorable terms and dismissal of client prior to trial.
Defended public school district in lawsuit alleging wrongful termination by provisional teacher, resulting in summary judgment for district, later upheld by the appellate court.
Negotiated numerous high-level executive contracts for non-profits and private businesses.
Defended school district against unfair labor practice charges filed with the Washington Public Employment Commission by terminated teacher, resulting in dismissal of charges by hearing examiner and affirmance of dismissal in subsequent appeal to full commission.
Represented seller of privately-held company with 75+ employees in asset-purchase sale of business and advised on issues arising from employee terminations and rehire by purchaser.
Defended numerous public and private employers against discrimination and retaliation charges filed with the EEOC, WHRC and local municipal civil rights commissions, and against wage and hour claims filed with the United States Department of Labor and the Washington State Department of Labor and Industries.
Conducted numerous agency-ordered and voluntary trainings for public and private employers on various employment law issues.
Represented two high-level executives in severance dispute resulting from division of closely-held family business, resulting in six-figure judgments for each client at trial, and affirmance of judgment by appellate court.
Represented private employer in sexual harassment cases brought by multiple female employees in federal court, resulting in settlement on the eve of trial on favorable terms to employer.
Defended public school district against claims of race and age discrimination by terminated administrator, resulting in summary judgment for district.