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2801 Alaskan Way, Suite 300
Seattle, WA 98121
T: 206.777.7442

Tara M. O’Hanlon

Successful settlement resolution of multimillion dollar condominium defect and warranty action where we represented the general contractor and the action involved over thirty parties. As part of the proceeding, brought successful bifurcation motion separating the homeowner’s association’s claims against the developer from all other claims.
Second chaired multi-week bench trial representing local transit authority in condemnation for light rail expansion project. The court awarded the exact amount sought by the local transit authority and no fees or costs were awarded to the property owner.
Successfully defended retail chain through bench trial against wage-and-hour "joint employer" class action claims by employees of vendor.
Successful representation of employer against former employee in whistleblower action where plaintiff voluntarily dismissed its claims after we filed a motion for summary judgment.
Successful representation of party in residential real estate development dispute and litigation involving breach of construction contract, conversion, Consumer Protection Act claims.
Represented defendant national retail chain through jury trial against claims of sexual orientation discrimination, Equal Pay Act, and retaliation claims; plaintiff sought $426,000, verdict returned for $3,000.
Successful settlement resolution of a claim brought by a former employee of a large, regional employer for failure to accommodate a disability and retaliation claim. As part of the proceeding, brought successful summary judgement motion on retaliation claims.
Defense of parent corporation in successful settlement action of a products liability claim brought by former employee of subsidiary corporation.
Represented mortgage broker employer against former employee over breach of employment agreement and fraud.
Represented bank in foreclosure action against Washington Consumer Protection Act and emotional distress claims, resulting in successful settlement.
Successful representation of estate beneficiaries in multiple probate disputes.