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Practice Teams

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2801 Alaskan Way, Suite 300
Seattle, WA 98121
T: 206.777.7512

Adrienne P. Jeffrey

Assisted an individual client to transfer substantial assets during her life at a reduced transfer tax cost, by examining various options, including a grantor-retained annuity trust, charitable lead and remainder trusts, and an installment sale to a defective grantor trust, and implementing the chosen option.
Worked with a client who held multiple large life insurance policies to consolidate the policies, transfer the policies to appropriate irrevocable life insurance trusts so that the proceeds would not be taxable upon his death and to plan for the transfer of other assets at reduced transfer tax cost to enable the trusts to pay the premiums thereby avoiding additional taxable gifts.
Represented a major national charity when it was named as beneficiary of a probate estate or trust located in various states, including Washington, and monitored the probate or trust administration, with the goal of ensuring that the administration was done correctly and as quickly as possible.
Represented a hotel chain in connection with the imposition of sales tax upon various items and successfully appeared on its behalf before the state taxing board.
Represented a trustee of a large trust that held a variety of assets, including a large closely held business, numerous real estate holdings, and liquid assets. The administration involved generation-transfer-skipping tax planning, postmortem estate tax planning, and numerous court petitions.
Created both estate plans for mid to high net worth clients with assets in California, Oregon and Washington. Planning included preparation of wills, revocable and irrevocable trusts, including insurance trusts, gift trusts, grantor retained annuity trusts, qualified personal residence trusts, and various charitable split interest trusts.
Assisted individual clients who want to make lifetime gifts, either to charity or individuals, to examine and evaluation the various methods of making those gifts so that their tax and personal goals are met.
Counseled executors through the probate process for both simple and complicated estates; assisted clients with the transfer and distribution of assets; and prepared and presented to the court all documents necessary for the probate procedure.
Prepared estate, gift, and fiduciary income tax returns, and represented clients in connection with issues raised by the tax authorities.
Assisted estate planning clients who require a business entity to examine the available options and select the appropriate entity, formed the entity selected, and advised the clients regarding governance issues.
Worked with clients to determine their life insurance needs, how the policies should be held and who should be the named beneficiaries; also formed irrevocable life insurance trusts and oversaw the transfer of policies to the trusts.
Represented both trustees and beneficiaries in connection with on-going administration of trusts holding a variety of assets including closely-held businesses; instructed individual trustees regarding their fiduciary responsibilities and assisted them in the performance of their duties.