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3400 U.S. Bancorp Tower
111 S.W. Fifth Avenue
Portland, OR 97204
T: 503.205.2521

Ryan R. Nisle

Assisted client in acquiring existing energy distribution operations from multiple sellers. This work included negotiating asset purchase agreements, leases, and financing documents, reviewing due diligence, and troubleshooting deal-threatening legal issues.
Advised client with respect to the use of state and federal tax incentives related to the development of an alternative energy project. Issues included ownership structure, conversion of incentives to equity, related tax concerns, and application for incentives.
We represented Craft Brew Alliance, Inc., in the acquisition of privately held Kona Brewing Company in exchange for a combination of cash and restricted shares valued at $14 million.
Assisted client become compliant with its B&O tax obligations and with negotiating payment of back taxes.
Assisted client in designing, negotiating, and drafting a complex compensation agreement for an incoming senior executive, taking into account federal limitations on nonqualified deferred compensation.
Successfully represented multistate client before multiple levels of state courts in an appeal of a state corporate income tax assessment. Case involved complex issues related to apportionment of income, administrative procedure, statutory and regulatory interpretation, and constitutional limits on state taxation.
Assisted client with structuring and settling up a holding company to own and managed energy distribution operations across multiple states. This work included negotiating a complex limited liability company operating agreement and intercompany loan and management agreements.
Assisted nonprofit developer in rehabilitation of a historic building and converting it into affordable housing. Gave advice with respect to structuring the multiple sources of financing. Assisted in negotiations regarding and documentation of bank financing and investment by equity investor.
Advised client with business and tax planning for the commencement of operations outside the United States.
Assisted nonprofit developer in developing a multiuse project including commercial space and more than 50 units of affordable senior housing. Gave advice with respect to structuring the ownership entity and financing. Assisted in negotiation and documentation of equity investment by low-income housing tax-credit investor.
Assisted client with development of multi-million dollar project funded in part with New Markets Tax Credits.
Assisted client in developing an equity incentive plan for its employees. The plan provides for the possibility of many types of awards, including incentive stock options, nonqualified stock options, stock appreciation rights, restricted stock, stock units, and performance awards.
Reviewed fund documents for foundation-client's investments in multiple private equity funds.
Successfully represented nonprofit client in an appeal of the denial of its property tax exemption.
Represented clients in all levels of property tax valuation appeals, including before the board of property tax appeals and the magistrate and regular divisions of the Oregon tax court.
We assisted West Coast Bancorp in acquiring a community bank valued at $25 million in exchange for a combination of cash and SEC-registered stock.
We represented privately held Widmer Brothers Brewing Company in a merger with Redhook Ale Brewery, Incorporated, in which Widmer shareholders received SEC-registered stock valued at $50 million.
We represented privately held Energy Connect, Inc., in its acquisition by Microfield Group, Inc., in exchange for restricted shares, common stock purchase warrants, and employee options with a total value in excess of $100 million.
Assisted for-profit client in developing suburban transit-oriented affordable housing complex. Gave advice with respect to structuring the multiple sources of state and local financing. Assisted in negotiations regarding and documentation of bank financing and investment by equity investor.
Assisted client in updating nonqualified deferred compensation plan to comply with the limitations of nonqualified deferred compensation under Sections 457 and 409A of the Internal Revenue Code.