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Contact Steven

3400 U.S. Bancorp Tower
111 S.W. Fifth Avenue
Portland, OR 97204
T: 503.205.2362

Steven G. Liday

Assists clients in obtaining approval for partitions, dwellings, conditional uses, property-line adjustments, variances, and other land use approvals to meet client goals for development projects.
Assisted bank in defending quiet title action and foreclosing on mutli-million dollar property, despite the fact that the legal description of the property contained in the trust deed set forth an incorrect metes and bound narrative for only half of the property.
Assisted small manufacturing company in obtaining a multi-million dollar recovery against large transnational corporation arising out of claims that the transnational corporation breached fiduciary duties owed to its implied joint venture partner.
Obtained an extremely rare terminating sanction against opposing party plaintiff for violation of discovery rules. Opposing party was also ordered to pay substantial portion of client's fees.
Our client was granted summary judgment, finding that a commercial property destroyed by fire was covered by the subject insurance policy, even though client had failed to list the property in the schedule of insured properties, which determined the policy's premium.
Have successfully represented clients asserting and defending against claims of adverse possession and implied easements.
Assisted Italian entity in complex case involving four separate jurisdictions (state court, two federal district courts, and federal bankruptcy court) to undue personal service and avoid the production of documents from abroad.
Assists clients in obtaining Oregon licenses and permits from various state and local agencies, including the Oregon Liquor Control Commission and Oregon Lottery.
Represent public and private parties in appeals before local hearings officers, elected officials, and the Land Use Board of Appeals.
Respond to enforcement actions by state agencies, including negotiation with Oregon State Lottery and Oregon Liquor Control Commission to avoid vendor contract cancellation and other penalties.
Represents client in claims against governmental entities for de facto taking of private property, including injuries to land as a result of public works projects.
Assists clients in both protecting/registering historic properties, and navigating requirements for projects that impact historic properties under the federal National Historic Preservation Act and National Environmental Policy Act.