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3400 U.S. Bancorp Tower
111 S.W. Fifth Avenue
Portland, OR 97204
T: 503.224.5858

Suzanne C. Lacampagne

Assist a variety of clients in the due diligence of buying, selling, and foreclosing on real property and businesses that involve contaminated property, including reviewing and revising Phase I and II and other environmental reports, and reviewing, drafting, and negotiating terms and conditions in contracts, leases, purchase and sale agreements, and access agreements to minimize clients' environmental liability as buyers and sellers of businesses and real property.
Advised multinational pulp and paper, manufacturing, food processing, and investment companies on complex Clean Air Act issues, including global climate change, new source review requirements, new source performance standards, routine maintenance exemptions under the prevention of significant deterioration regulations, the national emissions standards for hazardous air pollutants, determination of appropriate control technology, and odor-control regulation.
Advise food processing clients on complying with NPDES permitting requirements, permit transfer and modifications; defend clients in state and federal penalty and enforcement actions. Advise industry association on permit laws.
Defended numerous clients, including food processors, dry cleaners, a confined animal feeding operation, and sewer, recycling, manufacturing, chemical, energy, and property management companies, in Clean Water Act actions brought by the Environmental Protection Agency, the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality, and citizen groups.
Represented seller of vacant contaminated property in cleanup and in litigation, obtaining 100 percent cost recovery for costs of cleaning up old service station site. Site was redeveloped into new service station.
Advised clients, ranging from heavy equipment and metal manufacturers, pulp and paper, seafood processors, lumber, chemical, investment, fuel, and property development and management companies, to financial institutions, tribes, and public entities (such as educational institutions and local governments), as well as nonprofit organizations, on the investigation and remediation of single-party and multiparty sites, including Superfund sites listed on the National Priority List, with the goal of obtaining a no-further-action determination, and defended them in allocation process and enforcement actions to minimize environmental liability. Extensive experience includes conducting investigation and remediation in remote, rural settings, including remote Alaska locations, and mitigating potential claims of VOC groundwater contamination and vapor intrusion concerns.
Conducted environmental due diligence for investor in a Portland area cleanup and construction of upscale shopping mall on a landfill, which had a Conditional No Further Action letter requiring building ventilation of methane from landfill.
Advised company on environmental permitting in Oregon and represented company in dispute over investigation and cleanup costs for legacy contaminated site.
Obtained No Further Action determination from the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) for an industrial site adjacent to the Columbia Slough waterway, and resolved cleanup and NRD liability for Slough sediments through simple cash-out settlement with DEQ. The Slough settlement was largely funded by other parties that were brought into the settlement process so that our client paid a very small share.
Assisted client in obtaining a No Further Action letter from DEQ for an uplands soil cleanup in 2007, with no further site action warranted provided that the site cap remains in place. The unused industrial site was within the Portland Harbor Superfund Site boundary and had been used for railcar cleaning and repair operations for decades and had PAH and arsenic contamination. The property is now cleaned up, vacant, and on the market for sale.
Performed environmental due diligence and assisted developer with old rail yard site in downtown Portland that was cleaned up and redeveloped for low-income housing and commercial and mixed use.
Advised on Clean Air Act (Title V and ACDPs) and water permitting issues and cleanups of contaminated sites, represented company in nation-wide EPA NSR/PSD air enforcement initiative, performed environmental due diligence on property transactions and mergers and acquisitions.
Represented school districts in addressing potential claims for exposure to lead paint, lead in drinking water, radon, leaking PCB-containing fluorescent light ballasts, asbestos and mold; successfully resolved issues and prevented claims from rising to litigation.
Represented former shipyard at Commencement Bay Superfund Site in successfully settling Superfund cleanup and natural resource damages claims with release from liability and contribution protection; NRD claims successfully settled through multi-party mediated allocation that allowed for sale of DSAY credits. Represent several manufacturing clients at Portland Harbor Superfund Site in multi-party allocation of cleanup liability and resolution of natural resource damages claims, including litigation by trustee for natural resource damage claims.
Defended clients in Clean Water Act citizen suit litigation.