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Encouraging and Supporting Pro Bono

Our team of attorneys, paralegals, and staff commit their time to a wide variety of pro bono causes, including: representing complainants in domestic violence hearings; serving at legal clinics; resolving consumer, landlord-tenant, and insurance disputes; serving as advocates and advisors in civil rights matters; and advising nonprofit organizations that directly serve our communities.

Examples of some of our recent contributions include:

  • Structuring complicated financing by several non-profit corporations that enabled a local minority-owned business to manufacture environmentally friendly products.
  • Partnering with the ACLU to protect constitutional rights of free speech.
  • Volunteering to serve as court-appointed counsel as part of the United States District Court's Pro Bono Program.
  • Securing Portland Playhouse's right to continue providing important community services out of a 105 year old church.
  • Challenging a 75 year prison sentence for a first time, non-homicide offence that was entered against a mentally disabled member of the Nez Perce tribe who defended himself at trial despite previously being found incompetent to stand trial on two separate occasions.
  • Advocating for improvements to the working conditions of disabled individuals through a class action that seeks to change the State of Oregon's sheltered workshop program (that confines the individuals and limits their interaction and compensation) to an integrated program.

We pursue these types of matters and others through various legal clinics and pro bono organizations, including the organizations listed under "Partners in Pro Bono." To learn more about how we encourage and support pro bono, click on "supporting pro bono."