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Business Owner Exit Planning

Our exit planning practitioners help business owners set and achieve their individual exit objectives. We help owners leave their companies when they wish, to the successors they choose, and with the cash they need. Without exception, every owner leaves his or her company. Whether you do so effectively and profitably depends on the specific exit planning actions you take before you leave.

We can work with you to plan and implement a successful business exit strategy by helping you answer critical planning questions, suggest strategies to accomplish your objectives, and (if appropriate) assisting you to identify qualified advisers required to participate in the process. Upon completion, you will have a clear action plan identifying specific actions to be taken, due dates for each action, and the name of the adviser(s) responsible for completion.

Planning and accomplishing your individual exit objectives can be a challenging and potentially complex endeavor. Most business owners will only have one opportunity to complete the process successfully. Let our team of professionals assist you in mastering this phase of your career.

Representative Experience

We have successfully assisted families in planning and implementing their plans to transfer their business to the next generation. This has included, where appropriate, formulating equivalent gifts to children who are not active in the business by integrating sophisticated estate planning techniques. Our focus in these engagements is frequently to minimize estate and gift taxes and to ensure the successful long-term viability of the enterprise, all with an eye toward helping our clients achieve their personal vision for themselves and for the future of the business.
We have experience in formulating and implementing plans to transition business enterprises to key employees, by full or partial purchase. Focusing on a smooth transition, often including the creation of key employee incentive and retention programs, we have helped clients create plans that minimize income taxes, maintain full control by the current owner, and set the stage for a successful transfer.
Our Mergers & Acquisitions team has experience in counseling owners on how to best prepare their business for sale, locate and select appropriate professionals to assist the owner in marketing the business and locating qualified buyers, and structuring, negotiating, and documenting the final transaction.
Working with co-owners, we can help formulate plans for ownership transition when one or more owners want to move on, or when the unexpected occurs. This often involves implementation of a shareholder agreement (also known as a "buy/sell" agreement) between owners that can control ownership transfer when certain events occur, such as death, sale or transfer to a third party, disability, termination of employment (or relationship), retirement, bankruptcy, divorce, or even disputes between owners. A carefully crafted agreement can establish and protect rights among owners that do not otherwise exist in the company.