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Our Approach

At Miller Nash, there are many things – big and small – that make us different from other law firms. But all the differences are based on our being truly passionate about what we do. And that passion fuels the way we work with our clients from day one.

We get to know our clients and their business so that we can work with them to plan for future successes. Our team collaborates by bringing together attorneys from different practice areas and backgrounds – the result is a 360 degree view of a client's challenges and opportunities as well as new perspectives and solutions. This approach allows us to navigate toward the results our clients are looking for – time and time again.

Since 1873, we’ve had exceptional talent on our client teams. And those teams arrive at work every day with a some how, some way attitude, inspired to provide each client with our best possible legal counsel. And that is what has distinguished us for over 140 years.